BERG Compact BFR Kart in Pink

by BERG Toys

$539.95 $629.95

The BERG Compact BFR Kart is suitable for kids ages 5+.

Unique BFR hub stands for "Brake, Forward, Reverse", and allows the driver to pedal forward, coast with pedals static, pedal back slightly to engage coaster brake, and continue pedaling in reverse to drive backwards. 


  • suitable for kids ages 5+.
  • Can be driven forward or in reverse
  • Coaster brake and parking brake
  • Wheels spin smoothly with heavy duty steel bearings
  • Double ball bearing steering mechanism for accuracy
  • Industrial strength frame complies with commercial usage requirements
  • Swing axle
  • Chain tensioners for adjustment
  • Compact design, suitable for limited space
  • Adjustable seat has 6 positions