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Balance Bike Sizing Guide

The ideal position for riding balance bikes is for your child to have the ability to touch the ground flat footed with a small bend in the knee while sitting on the saddle.

There are two ways to determine the best size. The optimal method is to take an inseam measurement. If you are unable to obtain the inseam, use the child's age as the best starting point.

Use an Inseam Measurement

While the child is wearing shoes, measure the distance from the ground to the child's bottom in inches.  Then subtract one inch.

Start by looking through the bikes in our Sizing Guide by Ages below and review the minimum and maximum height measurement for the saddle. This should help you identify the bikes that will be a good fit.

Remember to use the child's inseam minus one inch. For example, if your child's actual inseam is 13", you would look for a saddle that has a minimum seat height of no higher than 12".


Use the Child's Age



Have questions or need a bike fitting? Contact us and we'll be happy to help you!