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    When choosing a balance bike, an important consideration is whether it has EVA foam tires or air (also known as pneumatic tires). We've provided the pros and cons to each below.


    EVA Foam

    EVA foam tires are lightweight and low maintenance. They are typically puncture proof up to the weight limit of the bike, somewhere between a 60 and 80 pound rider.

    Because they provide less traction than air tires, they are suited for young or new balance bike riders and for those children riding primarily on paved surfaces.

    See our collection of balance bikes with EVA foam tires.

    Air (Pneumatic) Tires

    Air tires weigh about 1 pound (or more) per tire more than EVA foam tires. Bike weight is an important factor when choosing a bike so keep this mind.

    While air tires are generally puncture proof, they can lose air or become flat so a bicycle pump may be needed.

    Most air tires have a knobbier tire than EVA foam tires and will provide more traction, particularly when riding off-road. They also have more flex and will absorb and cushion better.

    See our collection of balance bikes with air (pneumatic) tires.