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    1. What is the minimum height requirement for my child to ride a FirstBIKE?
    With the optional FirstBIKE lowering kit, children as young as 18 months can ride a FirstBIKE. However, this also depends on the length of the legs. When riding a balance bike the knees should be slightly bent while the feet are flat on the ground. The lowest seat position on a FirstBIKE lowers it to 13 inches, making it one of the lowest balance bikes on the market.

    2. Can the seat height be adjusted?

    The adjustable saddle seat grows from 14 inches to 18 inches tall. (The seat can go as low as 13 inches with the optional lowering kit). The saddle seat adjusts with just a turn of a knob so that you will need to additional parts or tools to adjust the seat between normal seat settings.  This allows the bike to grow with your child for many years of use.

    3. Does my 2 year-old child need a lowering kit to lower the seat?

    That depends on how tall your child is and the length of his or her legs. For safe riding on a balance bike, it is necessary that your child reaches the ground with both feet flat, not just with the toes. The height of the FirstBIKE is 14 inches without the lowering kit. Measure your child's inseam and if it measures less than 14 inches, we recommend purchasing the lowering kit.

    4. Is any assembly necessary?

    FirstBIKE must be assembled, detailed assembly instructions are on pages 2 and 3 of the owner's manual.

    5. How much does the FirstBike weigh?

    Coming in just under 8.4 lbs, FirstBike is easy for even the youngest riders to maneuver. 

    6. What kind of tires do the FirstBIKE balance bikes have?

    7. What is the difference between the Street, Cross, Racing and Limited Edition bikes?

    In practical terms, the only difference is the tires. All have very similar on-road performance. The tires are difference as referenced in number 6 above. The Limited Edition Bike also comes in limited edition colors.

    8. What is the difference between inflatable tires and solid polyurethane tires?

    Inflatable tires offer much better on-road performance (the bike is springy, and therefore, much more comfortable). “Basic” models with solid polyurethane wheels are sold almost exclusively to kindergartens and playgrounds, where it’s not practical to have bikes that require re-inflating and where low maintenance is more important than a comfortable ride.

    9.  What should I do with a flat tire?

    The tires are made of quality materials, but if you puncture it, the inner tube can be bought almost anywhere that sells bike tires (it is the standard size of 12’).

    10. What type of material is used to build the FirstBIKE?

    The FirstBIKE is made up of a composite frame. The composite frame makes for a rust and rot proof, lightweight bike. So what exactly is a composite frame?  It is a composite resin that uses high tech glass fibers. This is the same tough stuff found in automobiles, watercraft and airplanes. FirstBIKE is made from this unbreakable color-thru material which makes it impervious to water, rain, snow, mud, ice cream, or whatever abuse your child can give it! 

    11. I purchased a FirstBIKE without a handbrake.  Is it possible to buy a brake and mount it on the brake?

    Unfortunately, it is not possible for technical reasons – it would require replacing several components, including the rear wheel, and drilling into the frame.

    12. Does the FirstBIKE have a warranty or guarantee?

    Yes! The FirstBIKE comes with a lifetime warranty on the frame, fork, and wheels and a 5-year warranty on all other parts.  If you have any questions or concerns about your bike, please contact Tikes Bikes at so that we can help.