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    Tikes Bikes only ships to addresses in the United States, however many of the products we sell are available outside of the US through other retailers noted below.

    Canadian customers: Kinek offers border locations with a US address to ship your purchases to.

    We do ship to military and diplomat addresses outside of the US through our military program

    We also can ship a select group of products to US territories in Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands, Guam, American Samoa and the Northern Mariana Islands. Please contact us at support@tikesbikes.com to inquire further.

    BERG : http://www.bergtoys.com/bergdealers

    Early Rider : http://earlyrider.com/pages/distributors

    FirstBIKE : http://www.firstbike.com/buy/#

    Glide Bikes: http://www.glidebikes.com/customer-service/shipping-and-returns.html (Bongo)

    LIKEaBIKE (Kokua) : http://www.kokua.de/

    Muna : http://www.munabikes.com/index.php/stockists

    Nutcase Helmets : http://nutcasehelmets.com/find-a-retailer/international-distributors/

    Strider : http://www.striderbikes.com/international

    Yedoo :http://www.yedoo.eu/en/contacts.aspx