Schwalbe Big Apple 12" Balloon Tire (Urban Use)

by Schwalbe


Avid cyclists who want to upgrade their existing bikes always begin by changing their wheels and tires- reduced rotational weight and better traction are a big deal.

This translates well to balance bikes as well, as many of them are provided with very basic tires and it's the best thing to begin with when it's time to upgrade.

The Schwalbe Big Apple Balloon Tire is legendary- produced in every size imaginable for any bike, a re-creation of the oversized bike tires at the turn of the 20th century, due to very bad road surfaces.. With it's super light weight and supple casing, it improves the performance and riding experience of any balance bike.

The 12" version will fit any 12" balance bike with air tires, including:

Yedoo TooToo, Ridgeback Scoot, Scoot XL (14"), Saracen Freewheel, Kinderbike Laufrad, FirstBike Street, Stampede Charger, Cleary Starfish, Woom1, Glide Bikes, Mini Glider, Kazam, Muna, Pure Cycles, Linus et al..

Installation will require a plastic tire lever and a bike pump.

Inner tube sold separately.

Sold per tire! To receive two tires, please change quantity to "2".