WeeDropper™ Seat Lowering Kit for Scoot Balance Bikes

by WeeBikeShop


Want to buy a Scoot for your 2-1/2 year old but worried the seat might be too high? Maybe you're torn between the Scoot and the 14" Scoot XL for your 3-1/2 year old?

Here is a new custom accessory that's designed to allow the seat of the Scoot and Scoot XL balance bikes to drop all the way down and be securely clamped. 

As is evident in the images, it's not possible to lower a Scoot's seat all the way down and correctly clamp it in place. This is due to the tapered shape of the seatpost at the very top. It becomes narrower and clamping the seat is ineffective at the lowest position.

The WeeDropper™ (patent pending) solves this problem by filling the space with a custom sized and shaped component. The seat must be removed from the seat post (this requires is a screwdriver and a little bit of force) in order to insert the WeeDropper. Once it is in place, the seat is re-attached as before and the seat can be dropped as low as it will go.

What it does:

  • Lowers the minimum seat height of the Scoot from 14" down to 13"
  • Lowers the minimum seat height of the Scoot XL from 16" down to 15"

The WeeDropper™ may also work with other bikes with a similar issue, as long as the seat post diameter is 27.2mm industry standard. (Check the seat post for an inscription) If it does not do the trick, mail it back for a no-hassle full refund.