Wishbone 2-in-1 Bike - Recycled Edition

by Wishbone


 The Wishbone 2in1 Recycled Bike is designed to be ridden in 2 different modes:

1. The Wishbone 2-in-1 is a balance bike for children starting at 18 months. 

2. As your child grows, flip the Wishbone frame over to fit kids ages 4 to 6 and raise the adjustable seat up to 20 inches off the ground.

Wishbone 2in1 Recycled Bike Features: 

  • Designed for children ages 1 to 6.
  • Bike weight: 10.5 pounds.
  • Adjustable, padded seat grows from 9 to 20 inches tall.
  • 12 inch rubber tires filled with air.
  • The Wishbone Rotafix system integrates a three-way seat and adjustable frame to custom fit the Wishbone bike to your child. Resize the bike in seconds.
  • Constructed from 100% post-consumer recycled carpet. It's collected from home-owners in the US, shaved to remove the backing, and shredded.  Glass fiber is added for strength and turned into millions of little resin pellets, ready for molding into a bike frame. Each Wishbone Bike Recycled Edition saves over 5 quarts of oils and 7.5 pounds of landfill waste.
  • Recycled packaging and organic cotton parts bag
  • Meets current EU, US, Australian and New Zealand safety standards.
  • Warranty: 2 years from manufacturing defects.
  • Recommended rider weight limit: 66 pounds.

Wishbone 2in1 Recycled Bike Awards and Recogntion