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    Tikes Bikes — books

    Our Favorite Books for Tikes that Ride Bikes


    Bikes are a gateway to freedom and adventure.  Not only do they build confidence, but they allow children to explore the world around them.  

    When you can't head out on a bike ride you can still give your child a ticket to adventure by opening up a book and letting their imaginations take them to new places.  Here's a few of our favorites:

    The Bike Lesson - By Stan and Jan Berenstain

    Brother Bear received a new bike, but before heading out on his own Papa Bear gives him a quick lesson on how (or how not, more accurately) to ride a bike.  The comical mishaps will have you and your kids rolling on the floor.

    Curious George Rides a Bike - By H.A. Ray

    Everyone's favorite precocious monkey is at it again.  George receives a new bike and finds all sorts of trouble to get into from starting a paper route to visiting the circus.  What sorts of antics will he get into?

    Sally Jean, The Bicycle Queen - By Cari Best

    Sally Jean's best friend is her bicycle Flash.  They go everywhere together, but a recent growth spurt means Sally Jean is simply too big for her bicycle.  Will Sally Jean be able to be a Bicycle Queen with a different bike and what will happen to her beloved Flash?

    Along A Long Road - by Frank Viva

    With amazing artwork and a simple story, little kids will enjoy following the bicycling adventure of Along A Long Road.  Around and through, up and down this is a bicycle adventure all around town.

    Duck On A Bike - By David Shannon

    Down on the farm Duck gets the crazy idea that he can ride a bike.  Slowly Duck picks up the bike and tries his best and rides around the farm.  Soon a whole group of kids park their bikes and run inside the house.  Surely a whole group of bikes is too inviting for the other animals to resist!

    My Sister's Rusty Bike - By Jim Aylesworth

    On a zany trip across America our adventurer meets all sorts of people from Pat McDuff with purple cats to Benny Finn in Toonerville, Colorado. This is a story is crazy and goofy but he promises it is true will he join him on his rusty bike adventure?


    How To Bicycle To The Moon To Plant Sunflowers - By Mordicai Gerstein

    In this simple, step-by-step instructional picture book, learn how you too can visit the moon on your bicycle! All you need is a very long garden hose, a very large slingshot, a borrowed spacesuit, and a bicycle . . . and plenty of imagination.

     A Crash Course For Molly - By Eva Eriksson

    Molly is big enough and smart enough to ride a bike now - and she loves it! Trouble is, Molly can't seem to stop running into things. She keeps her eye on the objects in her path - like poles and people - but for some reason she still hits them. Luckily, she bumps into a driving instructor one day, and he gives Molly some useful advice.


    The Bears Bicycle - By Emilie Warren Mcleod

    A boy and his bear are ready for a bicycle adventure.  With each step of the process they tell us what they must do to stay safe and to be smart riders.  Come along for the ride and learn a thing or two on the way.

    Monsieur Albert Rides To Glory - By Peter Smith

    Monsieur Albert enters the Grand Cycle Race, but he's up against Francois, the champion in France. Can he possibly win? Witty text and gentle, funny illustrations by Bob Graham make this story an instant classic, ideal for reading aloud to young and old.

    These are some of our favorites, but we want to hear from you!  What are your favorite books for bike-loving kids?