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    My 3-Year Old Wears a Road ID (and Why Your Kids Should, Too)

    Last summer, my husband took our 3-year old son out for a mountain bike ride. A regular occurrence, they headed out for a web of trails in the forest. After deciding to take a new trail, they put on their helmets, buckled up their hydration packs and set out.

    About 10 minutes into the ride, my son braked quickly. My husband, fearing he would plow straight into the back of his son and unable to get around him, braked knowing he would throw himself off his own bike. He flipped over the handlebars, kicking our son in the head and landed in the brush.

    With a crying and scared son, my husband knew he had hurt himself but wasn't sure how badly.  Lying there for a few moments and comforting our son, he hoped someone would ride by and provide needed help.

    No one came. So they walked out with one arm dangling in shocking pain wondering how they would put the bikes back on top of the car and then drive home.

    To make a long story short, my husband had a third degree AC separation in his shoulder joint and couldn't pick up a book, let alone ride a bike, for months.

    When we mulled over what had happened, we realized that had he been knocked unconscious, our 3-year old would have been in the middle of the forest with no way to tell someone who to call.

    We promptly purchased a Road ID personalized with emergency contact numbers for everyone in the family. Not only do we wear them while riding bikes, they are worn while running, kayaking, and winter sports such as skiing and snowshoeing.  We've also put them on our children at events or venues where they might be separated from us.

    Road ID is the second accessory every little bike or scooter rider should have (right after a properly fitted helmet).