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TykesBykes Balance Bike Review

Posted by Tikes Bikes Admin on

We are in love with one of our newest products, the TykesBykes balance bike! Not only does it come with so many bells and whistles, it also is available in 2 sizes: the 12-inch TykesBykes for ages 2-4 and the 16-inch TykesBykes for ages 3-5.

Our 3-year old thrasher has been riding both bikes for several weeks and they have become his first choice (and the kid has a lot of bikes to choose from!)

Just two (of the MANY) reasons we love them:

  • the hand brake - perfect for transitioning up to a pedal bike with handbrake
  • premium tires on spoke wheels - they are great off-road and are an upgrade on many other balance bikes


Check out this video of a 3-year old and a 5-year old riding each of the bikes - this could be your son or daughter soon!


Come over and check out the 12-inch TykesBykes or the 16-inch TykesBykes balance bikes.

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