Which Balance Bike Customer Are You?

In the spirit of our 10th year in business specializing in balance bikes, we thought it would be a fun idea to hold the mirror up to our audience and tell them a little bit about themselves. The following is a list of typical customer dispositions, and many customers are a combination of two or more. Are you ready?

1. The "I just discovered balance bikes, are they better than training wheels?" customer
2. The "My grown children just discovered balance bikes and I need to get one for my grandkid, and I'd rather order over the phone." customer
3. The "Why don't these bikes have any pedals? How do they go?" customer.
4. The "I've read all the reviews and narrowed it down to these five models. Which one is best?" customer
5. The "Why can't we just take the pedals off of a 25 pound regular bike for my 2 year old?" customer
6. The "Whatever bike we get, IT HAS TO BE RED." customer
7. The "Do you do price matching? Do you have a discount code? Do you have any used or scratch & dent bikes available?" customer
8. The "Are brakes on balance bikes really necessary? Seems that 3 year olds are not smart enough to use the brake." customer
9. The Rodney Dangerfield customer, typically a grand parent. (replay the scene in Caddy Shack when he's buying 10 of everything in the pro shop)
10. The "This balance bike is defective. We have not used it in 10 months- why are the tires flat?" customer
11. The "I can't believe you guys are right here in San Diego! You mean I can come to your showroom and see the bikes in person before I buy one?" customer
12. The "I know you don't sell this brand of balance bike but can you tell me everything you know about it anyway? I have time." customer
13. The "We're ordering from Canada but we'll be in the States for a week, please ship ASAP." customer
14. The "I waited too long and the birthday is in 3 days! Please help!" customer
15. The "Thank you for actually answering the phone with a live voice! Every other place we called was voice mail!" customer
16. The "Which bike is the absolute best, I don't care about price." customer
17. The "What's your return policy in case my kid hates it?" customer
18. The "How long will my kid use their balance bike before pedaling a bike? I don't want them to outgrow it." customer
19. The "We bought our balance bike from you x years ago and loved the quality. Now we're ready for our first pedal bike and we prefer to stick to the same brand." customer
20. The "We bought a cheap balance bike and it broke in two weeks. We want something better." customer.

So there you have it. Do you recall the questions you asked in order to make your buying decision?
If you're still on the fence and need answers, rest assured that we have heard it all and can provide you with the knowledge collected from our ten years of balance bike experience.

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